The death of Firefox, really?

Sebastian Anthony posted on extremetech, that the death of firefox will happen soon, as it lost ground to IE, chrome and Safari. Between 2010 and today Firefox has lost a third of its market share, from a worldwide peak of around 30% down to 20%.

Chrome is breathlessly decimating Firefox’s userbase at a breakneck rate. It took Firefox more than four years to prise 20% of the market from Internet Explorer; Chrome did it in almost half that, and is fast approaching 30% in just over three years. Internet Explorer’s graph is a little harder to interpret, but it looks like it might have finally turned the corner and stopped hemorrhaging market share.

The question is, if a better (and this means smaller memory footprint) firefox will surface soon. If not, the userbase might shrink further. The “only” actual advantage from firefox over Safari, IE and Chrome is: it is not run by an evil company. Google, Apple and Microsoft are out there, wanting your data (cf. the EFF talking about disabling google web search history before google’s new privacy policy takes effect).

Firefox will survive, but it has to reposition itself to be seen as the “rebel” once again. After all, Mozilla Firefox it is the only browser that is not run by a commercially driven entity. The Mozilla Foundation is “a non-profit organization that promotes openness, innovation and participation on the Internet.”. Users should value that fact.

2 thoughts on “The death of Firefox, really?

  1. i would really like to use firefox again, but after some tests and heavy usage, the system seems bloated and uses far too much RAM on my 16GB (!) hackintosh. the whole system gets slow when i am using lots of browser windows (which i usually do). people are starting to call firefox the “new internet explorer” ;)

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