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Apple Mac OS X 10.8.4 Update for Hackintosh

An update for Apple’s Mac OS X ML Mountain Lion was released – the 10.8.4 Update (OS X Build 12E55) features the 12.4.0 Darwin kernel, as wellas updated NVIDIA and AMD graphics drivers, updated audio and storage drivers as well as a new Wifi Diagnostics App. As tonymacx86 points out: “Be sure to back up any important data, and if possible clone your hard drive before applying the update”.

UPDATE: the Geforce GTX Titan, GTX 780, GTX 770 and GTX 760 seem to be supported out of the box with 10.8.4, as we heard from people trying out that cards.


Adobe Presents Creative Suite CS6 with Tons of Updates, introduces Subscription Service

Adobe officially announced the the launch of Creative Suite 6 (CS6) which can already be read about on the Adobe CS6 Website. Adobe also presented a new payment method for the usage of CS6: for $49,99 per Month, the whole Bundle of Software can be used on a subscription basis, which is significantly lower than assumed. Small project-teams and low-budget productions can benefit from this service. Updates of Premiere have some highlights such as “native DSLR and Video Camera support”, where Adobe also lists the ARRI Alexa, Red EPIC, Red Scarlet, Canon EOS C2300, as newly supported devices. Adobe After Effects finally supports Illustrator path-import. All in all, the whole Suite is said to be much faster, as the new Mercury Engine speeds up overall usage with improved GPU support.

Adobe Creative Suite CS 6 features tons of new updates and a heavily updated graphics engine.

Adobe Releases Flash Player 11.2 and Air 3.2 – still kernel: IOSurface: buffer allocation size is zero

Adobe released Flash Player version 11.2 and Adobe Air 3.2 but still did not fix the kernel: IOSurface: buffer allocation size is zero issues.

Nanofunk reported on this on Jul 28, 2011 and again on Dec 22, 2011. Furthermore the issue was reported in the Adobe Bug Tracker and reproduced by many other users.

the log file (kernel.log) gets flooded with "kernel: IOSurface: buffer allocation size is zero." messages

It is 8 months after we reported to the Adobe Forums and there was not even a single response from Adobe yet. I will start to boycott Flash Player from now on (currently removing it from my system). Here is a link to the Uninstall Flash Player Howto. Bye Bye, Adobe.

Mozilla Firefox 11 was released for Mac, Windows and Linux

Mozilla released Firefox Version 11 today, with some updates and news to is previous version 10. Features include new tools for developers such as the Tilt tool for inspecting elements, 3D rendering support for WebGL-capable systems, a new style editor, and as usual a lot of bugfixes. Check out the complete changelog here.
Mozilla Firefox 11 Open Source Mozilla Foundation Download Mac Windows Apple Linux Software Update Free

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Mac OSX 10.7 Lion updating annoyances: Scolling, Versioning and no TRIM!

While Apple’s 10.7 Lion OS looks much more like GNOME like any other previous version of OSX, is comes with lots of annoyances. People using an SSD drive might have to update, since it finally supports the TRIM command, there are also lots of annoying features you might want to get rid of:

1) No TRIM support out of the box if you are using your own SSD (not Apple’s)

Screen Shot 2011 07 22 at 10 36 06

This is ridicolous: TRIM only seems to work for Apple buit-in SSDs. There is a tool by groths.org that will do the trick: TRIM Enabler, which works for Lion and for Snow Leopard as well. You might want to consider enabling this feature, since TRIM will make your Solid State Drive last longer, due to less writes to the cells.

2) Mouse scrolling direction got reversed: how to revert

Apple decided to reverse the mouse scolling on 10.7 Lion, meaning you have to scroll your mousewheel up to actually move the on-screen content down. Here is a screenshot from System Preferences, where you can change that “feature” to the way it was before: simply uncheck the box left to “Move content in the direction of finger movement when scrolling or navigating”.

Screen Shot 2011 07 22 at 10 30 53

3) Disabling the “Resume” feature

The “Resume” Feature in Mac OS X Lion restores the state of the application windows, when re-opening an application. Since I definitely do not need this feature, here is a way to turn it off: just uncheck the left box next to “Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps” in System Preferences -> General

Screen Shot 2011 07 22 at 10 58 34

4) Disabling “Versions” feature in Mac OSX 10.7 Lion

Versions should’t be a problem unless you are using Time Machine. MacRumors has a forum post on disabling that features.

5) Other (small) annoyances

Google Chrome does not get moved with an update ( Chrome vanishes with Lion 10.7 Update)

This is also very strange: the Google Chrome Browser did not get moved on my Lion update. I had to re-download Google Chrome.app. At least the Application Support files got moved, so I did not lose any browsing history or bookmarks.

Dropbox needs to be reinstalled: special Lion build

The dropbox right-click features dissappear when updating to Lion. Download the Latest Forum Build of Dropbox that is Lion compatible (1.2.16 at the time of writing this entry)


Other interesting reviews about Mac OSX 10.7 Lion can be found here:

* Time Magazine on OSX Lion: “With OS X Lion, Apple’s Macs Enter the iPad Era
* Engadget: “Apple OS X Lion (10.7) review

Max/Msp for Live with Ableton Live 8.1 Final REVIEW (max for live)

This is a review of „max for live“ using Ableton Live 8.1 FINAL and max/msp 5.1 on a Mac OSX 10.5.8 Core2Duo Intel MacBook Pro. As I am a frequent user of all kinds of visual DSP systems for quite a while now: pure data (PD), max/msp, vvvv, nord modular OS, etc. – so I am quite dazzled what max for live has to offer. (Read the full Entry to see the Review)


Instruments, Audio Effects, Midi Effects – but of course, this is not all of the cake. Imagine you can create user-interface elements however you please and also assign MIDI to that interface parts. This brings Ableton Live huge steps forward: the possibility to extend ableton to include a full featured audiovisual prototyping environment and to interface with the world: be it sensors, webservices or other Ableton Live installations.

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Beta: Ableton Live 8.1 with Max/Msp for Live

How cool is that? registered users of Ableton Live and Max/Msp can sign up for the beta program of Max for Live (it’s actually only a click, much different from Google Wave ;)
The only problem is: you need to own Ableton Live and Cycling74’s Max/Msp 5 (which i actually do).
For now you can watch the Video from the Ableton Site, until i can post some hands-on-pictures and a full review (to be available in the next days).

Ableton Live 8.0.9 Update (minor)

Ableton Live was updated to version 8.0.9. Read the Changes from Live 8.0.8 to Live 8.0.9 below or find the previous ChangeLogs in the Ableton Forums. This is a minor Bugfix release, that deals with the Axiom Pro and the Oxygen 3rd generation controllers; small Bugs regarding the Sampler and Volume automation were also squashed, but not much more.
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Ableton Live 8.0.8 Update

Ableton Live was updated to version 8.0.8. Read the Changes from Live 8.0.5 to Live 8.0.8 below or find the previous ChangeLogs in the Ableton Forums. While the update mainly adds the support for the new Novation Launchpad Controller and improves support for the AxiomPro Controllers, some important bugfixes have been implemented. Live should work on Snow Leopard now (crashed or froze when running another Audio app before, e.g. iTunes). Other Bugfixes are adressing the Arranger and some small bugs regarding Loop points. An update is recommended for all Ableton Live users.
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Native Instruments Komplete 6

Native Instruments Komplete 6

Native Instruments Komplete 6

Native Instruments Komplete 6 was announced some days ago. As a proud owner of Komplete 5 i am looking forward for the update. The previous Komplete Version was a total bargain for me, since i got it within the Kompletely INSANE Sale for just 399€. Since the new Komplete will be €499, it is even cheaper for people to get the new version as to upgrade from version 5. (damn, I should have waited. but who cares, I love my FM8)

Key features of NI Komplete 6 are: Kontakt 4, Absynth 5 and Guitar Rig 4 Pro. (See the Native Instruments Page on Komplete 6 for all news regarding version 6). I will post an in-depth review when i received my update.