MEGA cloud storage, 50GB Free and PRO Accounts with Bitcoin support. Plus: Linux Command Line Application

MEGA File Hosting, secure, 50GB Free and Bitcoin support.

Some of you might already have heard about MEGA, the online cloud service of Kim Schmitz. After some months of use, i have to point out our experiences with the service. We never experienced any downtime so far – and we currently are using a free account as well as a paid 2TB account, which can also be paid via Bitcoin.

Upload speeds are very high compared to Dropbox (we had around 10MB/s, which is more than double to Dropbox). Currently, I am mostly using it with the linux command-line client to directly push backups from our servers to the cloud. There are two tools which you can currently use to do direct command line interaction with your mega account:

1) megacmd
2) megatools (which is only available via github)

Both are quite straight forward to install. Highly recommended!

UPDATE: The MEGA Vulnerability Reward Program pays up to 10.000$ – “rewards to anyone reporting a previously unknown security-relevant bug or design flaw”.

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