Dslr4video and Earlyadopterdemands are selling Hackintoshes, SLR Cameras and Audio Computer Gear

fotocredits: cc orphanjones

Two guest bloggers of nanofunk.com – namely dslr4video and earlyadopterdemands recently joined forces in a new studio-space that they are sharing now in Austria. They asked me to promote their current studio-closing-sale, which is intended to raise money for a prototyping lab they are setting up.

They also created a blog where their stuff is listed (nanofunk was already recommending it some time ago) – please take a look for yourself, it is located at www.consumelog.net.

dslr4video has lots of items from their previous studio that are for sale now, including various Hackintosh configurations, SLR cameras and tons of other stuff. A partial list is available on ebay.com as well as on ebay.de, though the full list on consumelog is much larger. Please contact them directly for any questions regarding the items.

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