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computers saved capitalism. according to joseph weizenbaum

joseph weizenbaum rebel at work dvd film documentary computers saved capitalismJoseph Weizenbaum, German-American author and professor emeritus of computer science at MIT is called one of the grandfathers of artificial intelligence. The documentary Weizenbaum. Rebel at Work shows Weizenbaum talking about computers and globalism. He states that “if you think of the social structures of the world (…) computers came at the right time to prevent a radical change of the world”. Computers finally saved capitalism in a moment, when the polulation boom needed a structural change – in some sense, computers prevented a radical and maybe better transformation, according to Weizenbaum.

The film on DVD is highly recommended by nanofunk!

The film spans 8 decades of Joseph Weizenbaum’s life. It provides a stage for his humorous narrative depicting a World of Yesterday while reflecting on the dawn of the computer age. It follows 84-year-old Weizenbaum on some of his numerous public lessons, effortlessly entertaining overcrowded lecture halls. (via